Have you voted for your Red Bull Heroes? Which is your favourite story of all from http://www.realsgheroes.com/?

Voting ends on 31 Oct 2013, so hurry up now and vote for your favourite kindness act!

Here’s one of my favourites!

This is really really nice. A small but kind gesture. It is especially sweet when the guy kept turning his head over to check if the uncle was okay alone.

Have you ever stopped for a while to give a helping hand? :)

We don’t need a world changing activity to show the world how to be kind, we show them through action! The little gestures accumulate and it will become a great influence to others. Be kind and others will follow. So if you ever spot a person in need and you have a little time to spare, why don’t you stop rushing off somewhere for a while and offer your help? Try it! I have done it times and times again and it never fails to make my day to be able to be of use to someone. ^^

Redbull - lovelivfe

Have you witnessed a kind deed recently, or know someone who regularly goes the extra mile to lend a helping hand? It’s time to show these heroic souls more appreciation – and nominate them for the Red Bull ‘Real Singapore Heroes’ Campaign to recognize and reward these ordinary Singaporeans and Singapore residents who make a difference through their selfless and noble acts.


I believe some of our heroes would like to remain anonymous and low-profile because kindness is to be shared not flaunt.

However, Red Bull Singapore will be supporting bona fide causes of identified heroes in winning videos. So what does this mean?

If you have a great idea of sharing your care and make it a better world, yet had no or limited means to execute it, here’s a chance to expand your ability with the support from Red Bull Singapore!

But any kind acts, no matter how small it is, are always welcomed and warm people’s heart. It doesn’t matter how little the kind gestures might seem, if you act upon your conscious and do the right thing, you are my hero. :)

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What are you waiting for? Nominate your hero over at http://www.realsgheroes.com/ now!

If you are feeling “a little” edgy and grumpy after a day and night of saving the world, Here’s a can of Red Bull for you!


You can be a fighter again after getting an energy boost from Red Bull!


That’s not all from Red Bull Singapore!

If you are a big fan of Red Bull, you get win attractive prizes worth up to $1000 just by submitting your receipts with your Red Bull purchases. It doesn’t even matter if it is just a can or a dozen!

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 3.29.49 PM

Bought the Red Bull and drank them all? Not only you can enter the lucky draw with your receipt, you can also redeem Red Bull merchandise by collecting pull rings.

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This entry is brought to you by Red Bull ‘Real Singapore Heroes’ Campaign.


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