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In the meanwhile, if you want to check out how my first roll of film turns out, please go to facebook photo album

LoBlography with La Sardina! ♥

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P/S: I will be using a random number generator to choose the top 10 winners.

One day, I received an email from Lomography Singapore to blog about my Lomographic experience and win a La Sardina/ LOMO LC-A! As cheapskate as I can get (haha), I jump onto the chance and got chosen as the final 20 bloggers in Singapore to challenge myself to blog the most creative post about the newest La Sardina toy camera in the store!

There we were, started our very first day of the 3 weeks LoBlography Singapore Challenge at Pacific Coffee Company @ Red Dot Museum.

After introducing ourselves, we were given a short briefing by our pretty organizer, Meerly, to let us know what we were supposed to do and a bag filled with the sexy lomo camera called La Sardina, a roll of film, a lomo guide book and papers of instructions, which basically have no rules (I like!). That’s the sexiest part about Lomography: DON’T THINK JUST SHOOT!


There were a mixture of professional analogue camera users and some newbies so to be fair to everyone, we get to draw lots to get our different models of La Sardina and films.

And I got the photo LC-A, which leads me to the non-flash La Sardina Sea Pride (see images below)! Premonition of me winning the LC-A maybe? Hahaha! Just kidding, I am just imagining awesome things.

I don’t call myself an avid lomography lover and I don’t have a lot of toy cameras but I really love the effects of how these film cameras work! My very first film camera,Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim, a “poor man’s lomo” some might called it, is already so much fun to play with! Here’s a collage of what I had shoot with it:

This is why I am so excited when I get La Sardina! Similar to Vivitar UWS, both are wide-angle toy cameras. What’s different between them is not only the price (i.e. I got Vivitar for only S$25, while La Sardina costs around US$ 63.84) but also their functions! I totally fall in love with La Sardina’s multi-exposure function and the ability to “change” shutter speed under different light conditions and I can’t wait to develop the photos and let you guys see!

By the way, Lomography Asia is kind enough to give 10 of my readers 10 piggy point voucher (1 piggy point = 1EUR/USD/GBP) so do check out more often and I will get you guys updated of how to win! If you want to get my attention and increase your chance of winning, remember to ‘like’, ‘comment’ or ‘repost/retweet/share’ my LoBloggraphy blogposts!


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