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French Animation Film Festival Conference

How many of you are interested in French animation and films? Or even their beautiful (yet difficult-to-learn) French language? I do!

A few weeks back, I went to this year’s French Animation Film Festival Conference at Alliance Française de Singapour with my classmates.

The conference was divided into two parts, first the films, then the animations.

I personally prefer the second part because of all the fun and engaging animation shorts to watch!

For those who don’t know much about French animation but are interested to know more, I suggest you to search the shorts done by students of Gobelins (Full name: l’Ecolede l’image des Gobelinson youtube or simply click here.

Did you know the French made a 3D animation of Mickey Mouse Christmas Special? Here’s the video if you wanna watch:

There was an exhibition for the outstanding shorts done by students of Gobelins at the second floor so during the interval between the 2 parts of the conference, we walked around to look at the different animation boards; color boards; character designs and et cetra. Pretty interesting and it really looks more professional than average student’s standard (duh~ Some are award-winning animation!).

One thing I noticed about is their style in drawing, the French does not seem to like soft edges (great line flow, but mostly straight cuts)  nor straight buildings (they are always slanted and pointy). Isn’t it unique? The Americans love curves and the Japanese loves big anime eyes and the French loves lines. Hahaha.

The Oscar 2009 nominee – Oktapodi was produced by students of Gobelins too!

Here’s a few more  interesting French animations!

La Maison en Petits Cubes (winner of Oscar 2009)

Even though it was produced in France, it was actually made by a group of Japanese. Interesting huh?

Haha. But none the less, it feels French and that’s all it takes.

I can’t seem to find more animations from Cube on youtube, but if you do, let me know ok? I really love their animation style! :D

Last but not least, did you know Mac Guff made the popular and cute featured animations, Despicable Me and The Lorax? THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!!!! The characters, I mean. Hahahaha. <3

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I JUST LOVE THE MINIONS! Oh oh oh, I shall end this post with this instead:

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