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[Food] Hyang-To-Gol Buffet

Yay! I love Korean Barbeque! Yay for Sue who invited me and thanks to Noel, we get to eat it at a better price too. Wahahaha.

Funny that after the dinner, I got to know they actually thought I was pissed with them or something which is obviously not true. I am so nice lor *flips hair* HAHAHAHAHA. I just tend to stone a lot after meals. You know that kind of feeling where you just want to carry your full stomach and go to sleep? Which is why I didn’t talk much too.

So anyway, the food was great but I wouldn’t call it Korean Charcoal Barbeque if we could not cook the bulgogi on our own. I love the BULGOGI they cooked!!! SO JUICY AND YUMMY! Oh, and they have sushi and some Chinese cuisine too (sounds international huh?). <3

Most importantly, YOU HAVE TO BOOK SEATS BEFORE GOING or else be prepared to sit outdoors (not that it is a bad thing because the view is great) eat and be eaten! By mosquitoes. Gosh, ain’t they brutal. Both my legs had at least 6 mosquitoes bites each. -.-

Located at Resort World Sentosa, Waterfront, which means we can watch the 2-swans-spraying-water show! LOL! Okok, I am just being lame because I don’t know the real name of that show but it was quite fascinating how they create such art piece. :)

Last but not least, I love the fireworks that day even though I didn’t manage to snap any decent photos of it. *sad face*

Korean Charcoal BBQ Buffet (Waterfront)

Dinner buffet
Adult: $35++ (Mon- Thur)
$40++ (Fri – Sun)
Child: For below 90cm: FREE
91 cm to 140 cm: $19++
Above 140 cm: $29++
++ All prices are subject to prevailing service charge and government taxes.

Operating hours:
12:00pm – 03:00pm, 06:00pm – 10:00pm

Telephone: +65 6795 5525.


  1. Carol ong - February 18, 2013 10:57 PM

    re-send can you send to me the location (address)……thank you very much

    • LoveLivfe - February 19, 2013 12:51 AM

      It is in RWS, I don’t know the exact address. Try google? :)


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