The Last Post

Dear friends of LoveLivfe.com,

As much as I received many objections to end this blog, this will be the last post of LoveLivfe.com. Thank you so much for everyone’s support and love during this period of time that enables this blog to grow, no matter in statistics or quality of content. It is no longer just my effort, but also everyone’s support to make this whole blogging journey fruitful and entertaining.

There was once that someone told me I would never succeed in blogging because I would never become someone like Xiaxue or Mr Brown. True enough, I will never be them. In fact, I never wanted to be them. I am me and that’s all I wanted people to view me as.

It is my irresistible urge to write that push me so far. Sharing my thoughts in words was (and still is) so much easier for me than in verbal context so blogging came naturally as an option to communicate with people (who bothers to understand me). Blogging, too, opened loads of doors for me. No matter if it is the people I got to know, the interesting happenings, traveling, the great food, or anything under the sun.

But also, I would like to thank the people who didn’t approve of my actions. Because of their objections, I have come so far. Don’t you just love it when you prove people wrong about things that you cannot do? Hahaha. :D

Almost 23 years of my life, I have been disapproved by many; disliked by few (it’s mutual, don’t sweat about it); misunderstood in every ways. In the contrast of these, I fought strong. With the people that love me (and I love you guys too <3), appreciate me, understand me (whenever you can), tolerate me, the insides are able to grow stronger and tougher. The reason why I wanted to start up LoveLivfe.com is partly because I want to document every little great moments of infinity with the world’s goodness – and that includes all these awesome people and things happening to me. Live, Love, Life. ^^

Now, you might ask why I am ending this blog when everything is going so well. The thing is, everything and anything would come to an end.

Coming so far, LoveLivfe.com has become much more commercialized than it should be. It is neither good or bad, though I strongly feel that this isn’t what I want in life at the moment. Like, it is a phase of my life that is coming to an end and I will be entering another stage for whatever in the future that will grow me or even change me. And giving this precious blog a decent closure is probably the last thing I could do to say goodbye to this phase. Thank you for all the good memories for the past 5 years.

I am still wondering about life as and when I could. I am still the obnoxious and self-centered bitch that won’t give a shit about being tactful towards people/things I dislike. I am still learning to speak less, think more. I am still trying very hard to learn to control my bluntness in order not to hurt people. I am still trying to find that someone who would understand me (not even myself could understand what I am thinking) without a word being said. I am still doing a lot of things that I have been doing, but at the same time, I am learning and growing up and it is time to move on.

I don’t know if this has become a practice or habit of mine to end things after going on a solo trip. The last time I went, I ended something important to me. This time when I came back, it is time to say goodbye to the blogosphere. Haha. But anyway! GREAT THANKS TO ALL YOU GUYS WHO ARE READING THIS!

It was a fun journey and an eye-opener. Learning so much from everyone makes life a little more entertaining. Thank you for making LoveLivfe.com such a wonderful platform to be. BYE GUYS! TILL THEN! SMILE ON AND LIVE LIFE! LOVE LIFE FOREVER! :]

Have you voted for your Red Bull Heroes? Which is your favourite story of all fromĀ http://www.realsgheroes.com/?

Voting ends on 31 Oct 2013, so hurry up now and vote for your favourite kindness act!

Here’s one of my favourites!

This is really really nice. A small but kind gesture. It is especially sweet when the guy kept turning his head over to check if the uncle was okay alone.

Have you ever stopped for a while to give a helping hand? :)

We don’t need a world changing activity to show the world how to be kind, we show them through action! The little gestures accumulate and it will become a great influence to others. Be kind and others will follow. So if you ever spot a person in need and you have a little time to spare, why don’t you stop rushing off somewhere for a while and offer your help? Try it! I have done it times and times again and it never fails to make my day to be able to be of use to someone. ^^


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